Group Training

Workplace Stress: offers suggestions and techniques to manage stress in a work context.  The content is designed specifically to address any institutional stress issues that have been identified. 

Workspace Setup Training: in-depth training to equip participants with the skills to setup workspaces in their own organisation.

Discomfort Pain and Injury (DPI): a preventative measure which teaches staff about the seven contributing factors that are at play when there is an experience of pain, discomfort or injury.  It encourages individuals to consider the various factors and take responsibility for those which are within their control.   Visit the  habitatwork website for more information about this model. 
OOS Prevention: although the term is now outdated the problem still persists.  Covers topics such as; what is OOS/RSI/GPI, symptoms and conditions which are collectively called OOS, useful exercises, ACC’s DPI model, concept of total load, good workspace setup and positioning, micropausing and breaks.

Standing to Work Successfully: discusses how to use various sit/stand desk options to stand more (tailored for each organisation to reflect the equipment available).  For many people that have worked seated for years the transition to working standing up can be a process and education can increase the likelihood of a successful change.

Rebalance your Life: aims to provide attendees with an understanding of what they are spending their time on – things that uplift and energise them or things that detract from their sense of enjoyment in life.  Using the ReDo model and some practical fun exercises participants come away with knowledge about what areas they can improve on to bring a sense of balance back into life…and we know that people who feel they have more work/life balance work more productively.
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Impacts of a Sedentary Lifestyle: discusses the medical implications of sitting for long periods, even when taking regular exercise.  This is an eye opening seminar that has people standing up and wanting to make changes to the way they do things during the work day.

Practical Tips to Get Standing and Moving: using the resources that are readily available in the working environment – the answer to avoiding the impacts of a sedentary life.

Breathing for Relaxation: utilises biofeedback to introduce effective abdominal breathing to groups of people, giving them a tool to control their bodies response to situations of stress, anxiety, anger or pressure.
Manual Handling for Office Staff: is an interactive discussion covering such topics as; the body, manual handling requirements within their particular environment and stretches to reduce risk of injury to staff.

Manual Handling in Complex Environments: help staff avoid injuries with a more in-depth training solution, encompassing an initial visit with interview of staff, training session and follow up visit.

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