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For some time now Kada Furniture in Wellington have generously loaned chairs to Ergo OT for experimentation.  But recently we had the opportunity to trial the QuickStand from Humanscale here in the office.
Typical of Humanscale's other architecturally designed products; the QuickStand is a beautiful piece of equipment that is elegant and clean to look at.  But that is not the end of the QuickStand’s virtues – it is very easy to use with a quiet, smooth mechanism for shifting between seated and standing positions.  When combined with the appealing presentation, these two features alone will make the QuickStand the product of choice for the more discerning offices.

There are a few things to consider before using the QuickStand.  What sort of tasks will you do when standing?  Surfing the internet or writing emails will be fine but because there is no room for a copyholder on the base plate (which is effectively your desk surface when standing) copying from text will likely lead to awkward postures.  Mousing is another factor.  If you have a standard keyboard, which has numeric keys on the right hand side, you will need to be mousing with your left hand.  Right hand mousing will lead to abduction of the right arm (extended sideways and loading the muscles in the shoulder) or the keyboard being too far to the left.  The Computer Guidelines recommend that the alpha/letter keys are centred in front of the body.
ergootreviews The monitor and keyboard area (base plate) are independently adjustable which satisfies the requirement for ergonomic design of a workstation.  Although, we did find that the mechanism to adjust the monitor up or down was a bit stiff and not easy to use.  The monitor tilt offers a range of positions – this is important because posture changes as soon as you stand.  The shoulders come back, head comes up and the body is generally in a more upright position than when seated.  Being able to tilt the top of the monitor back slightly each time you move to standing means that your line of vision will still be correct despite the change in your body.

Another positive element of the design is the monitor harness, which is clamped to the existing desk top, making it stable and safe for use.  All cords associated with the monitor are also concealed within the harness, promoting clean lines and tidy workspace.  One issue we discovered was that the cable built in to the harness is a DVI-D (dual link connector) cable.  Many New Zealand PCs still use DVI-I so do check what your monitor uses or you may be disappointed with a spare cable hanging loosely outside of the harness. 

The best way to use the up and down mechanism will vary between individuals.  If there is wrist or upper back pain issues present it is advisable not to use the handles at the rear of the base plate – simply push or pull gently on the front of the plate area to avoid aggravating discomfort.

So the standout feature for the QuickStand is definitely the look – the clean, simple, attractive lines which Humanscale are known for.  The quiet, easy to use sit to stand mechanism and the possibility of a cord free workstation all make the QuickStand a good choice if you are looking at a desktop sit/stand option.  


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